miércoles, 6 de mayo de 2009


I think i'm molecular
I think i'm made of water
I got my mama's history
in a little bean.
And I make ionic bonds
with the people i meet
on the street.

You have to decipher
my genetic code
'cause it holds more secrets
than you will ever know.

My cells perform mitosis
but they rarely get old//
take care of you antibodies
'cause you might catch a cold.//


I am three-dimensional
in a four-dimension world (eleven!)
I exsist through time and space
what a wonderful place.

I got protons, electrons and neutrons
flowing in my blood,
positive, and negative,
and neutral: i have it all!


You might think that you're solid
but you're not
no, you're not!
It's a sensation
from your imagination,
it's an illusion
you gotta turn the lights on. //


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